1. General provisions
    1. Private enterprise “Shate-M Plus” establishes a 12 months warranty period for the sold goods under «PATRON» brand, subject to the goods stored, installed, used in the compliance with the requirements stipulated by regulatory documents, technical characteristics and the current provisions, with the exception of goods to which the warranty does not apply according to the current provisions.
    2. The warranty period starts from the transfer of goods to the consumer/ the purchaser/.
    3. The warranty period is extended for the time during which the product could not be used because of the shortcomings identified in it, on condition that the enterprise has received a notification on the shortcomings of the product in the manner stipulated by law and the present provisions.
    4. The same warranty period as for the exchanged product is established for the product which was delivered by the enterprise in exchange for the product in which defects have been found during the warranty period, unless otherwise provided by the sales contact.
    5. Product expiration date is determined by the manufacturer and is calculated from the product production date.
    6. Products for which an expiration date and (or) shelf life are set are transferred to the consumer/purchaser/ so that they could be used for the intended purpose until the expiration date and (or) the end of shelf life.
    7. Selling products after expiry date and (or) after the end of shelf life, life time, and the products for which a life time, expiry date and (or) shelf life must be set but have not been set, is not permitted.
  2. Terms of warranty. Products not covered by the warranty
    1. Warranty is applied in case the /consumer/purchaser/ fulfil the following conditions:
      1. Maintenance and/or storage of the goods meet the requirement of the regulations set by technical characteristics, recommendations of the manufacturer;
      2. The filled out by the seller or consumer or the person, who performed the action (installation on the vehicle and/or diagnostics and/or demounting) connected to the specific part, Act of complaint describing the part’s inability to work;
      3. Correspondence of the installed part to the car specification.
    2. In addition, customers, which are legal entities, must have a documented proof of the purchase of the part from Private Enterprise “SHATE-M PLUS”
      1. For customers, who are individuals, providing the document which confirms the fact of purchase of the goods is desired. Nevertheless, the absence of the document confirming the fact of the purchase of the product is not a basis for the refusal to comply with his requirements.
      2. For confirmation of the fact of purchase documents or other means of confirmation, which indicate the purchase of the goods from a particular seller (witness testimony, elements of consumer packaging (packaging), which have marks confirming the purchase of the goods from the particular seller), can be used.
    3. Warranty does not apply
      1. For the wear out and natural changes in the state of the spare parts during their use on the car in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements;
      2. For consumables, technical fluids and parts which replacement is provided by the regular maintenance (bulbs, oil, filters, auto cosmetics, auto chemicals, safety devices, etc.) after instalment on the car;
    4. The warranty case is not applied and Private Enterprise “Shate-M Plus” does not have a responsibility for the quality of the goods:
      1. If the product defect was caused by the incorrect use, exposure to atmospheric conditions or other external influences, violation of the instalment and/or storage rules;
      2. If there is a normal wear out of the part in accordance with the life time set by the manufacturer;
      3. If there is a damage of the part caused by the road accident, incorrect selection, incorrect instalment or careless use;
      4. If the failure in the fuel system and exhaust system spare parts was caused by the use of the fuel class not provided be the manufacturer.
      5. If the damage (in particular, of the suspension and steering parts) was caused by careless driving or road irregularities (extreme load on the vehicle);
      6. If there is a mechanical damage of the part;
      7. If the failure of the product is caused by the defect of another part or unit.