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PATRON brand appeared on the Belarussian auto spare parts market in 2004 and on the Russian market in 2013.

In case of Belarus at that time car fleet mostly consisted of German and partly French and Japanese cars. The share of new foreign cars was very small and did not exceed 3% from the total number of registered foreign vehicles. The purchaser had the opportunity to buy famous brands spare parts or as an alternative to the new parts could buy previously used parts as there were no other options on the aftermarket.

In 2004 the owner of the company Konstantin Shavel has visited Automechanika exhibition for the first time which is held annually in Shanghai. This visit confirmed information on the fact that auto components production in China has already reached a high level at that moment and China leading manufacturers were not inferior to the leading European manufacturers. In 2004 the fundamental decision to create a private brand of Shate-M Plus company was made. It took less than a year from the decision making moment to the moment when PATRON brand products appeared on the warehouse shelves. CV-joints, shock-absorbers were among the first product groups. PATRON brand products started to gain a place on our partners’ shelves.

All PATRON brand products pass thorough tests. Manufacturing plants are certified according to ISO 9001, IS014001, ISO/IATF 16949 and QS9000 quality systems. Each plant has its own testing centre. Quality control is implemented during each stage of production and material choice. Manufacturing plants pay special attention to the production technology improvement, renovation of machinery and other equipment with the latest technology.
PATRON trademark belongs to the economy segment. That is why the end customers doesn’t have to pay more for advertising and high marketing costs. Keeping a high level of quality PATRON brand is still winning in prices in comparison with the world-known brands, and thus stays attractive to the customers.

PATRON brand assortment is represented by 200 product groups at the moment. Total range includes more than 54,000 articles. The main list of articles is for European, Japanese, Korean and American car applications. Starting from 2015 there is also a product range for Russian and Chinese cars in PATRON brand.

PATRON brand suppliers are 65 manufacturing plants from China, Malaysia, Turkey, Lithuania and Russia.

We pay much attention to the brand promotion. It is necessary to conduct ongoing trainings for customers. Since 2014 members of the Department of PATRON brand Development Department team organize such activities as:

- Technical seminars about PATRON brand products involving engineers from manufacturing plants;
- Training seminars for PATRON brand for Shate-M Plus partners;
- Training seminars for Shate-M Plus sales department employees;
-Round table meetings with the participation of suppliers and company partners.

The PATRON auto parts brand is a sponsor of the World Hockey Championships from 2016 to 2023. Support for the top sport event testifies to the large-scale plans for the development of the PATRON brand, pride in its product and the intention of a successful multi-year presence in the automotive components market. In addition, modern sports are the largest branch of the world economy. Support for world sports events allows us to once again recall the brand PATRON multi-million audience, improve the perception of the brand and emphasize its fidelity to the sports values that are used in business.